Zoff Foods: How Droot Turned Clicks into Customers

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Droot spices up Zoff Foods' sales! Revamped UX/UI design drives mobile sales on Amazon, Blinkit & Flipkart.


This case study explores how Droot collaborated with Zoff Foods, a prominent Indian spice brand, to boost its sales significantly through strategic design interventions. By focusing on user experience (UX) optimization, a visually appealing user interface (UI), and device responsiveness, Droot empowered Zoff Foods to cater to the mobile-first customer base and elevate their brand presence across marketplaces like Amazon, Blinkit, and Flipkart.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Zoff faced a multi-faceted set of challenges, namely:

Subpar User Experience: Zoff Foods' existing website and marketplace presence lacked intuitive navigation and product information architecture. This made it difficult for customers to discover desired spices and complete purchases seamlessly.

Uninspiring UI: The website and marketplaces' visual design failed to capture customers' attention or effectively showcase the rich heritage and quality of Zoff's spices.

Limited Device Optimization: The website and marketplace interfaces were not optimized for various devices, such as mobiles, tablets, and laptops, leading to a frustrating user experience for a significant portion of the customer base.


Droot's primary objectives for Zoff Foods were:

Enhance User Experience: Design a user-friendly website and marketplace interfaces that facilitated easy product discovery, navigation, and checkout processes.

Elevate Brand Image: Create a visually compelling UI that reflects the quality and essence of Zoff's spices, fostering brand recognition and trust.

Optimize for Mobile Devices: Ensure seamless user experience across mobiles, tablets, and laptops, catering to the mobile-first customer behavior.


Droot implemented a multi-pronged design strategy to address Zoff Foods' challenges:


UX Optimization: This is a crucial aspect of e-commerce development. By improving product discoverability and navigation, Droot essentially enhanced the user's journey on Zoff Food's online platforms, a core principle of e-commerce development.

Visually Appealing UI: A robust UI is essential for any web presence, including those built on platforms like Shopify. The color palette and typography were chosen to evoke a sense of tradition, purity, and culinary delight. Stunning hero images and product photography showcased the vibrant colors and textures of the spices.

Device-Responsive Design: The website and marketplace web design was designed to be responsive. Droot adapted seamlessly to different screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring an optimal user experience across mobiles, tablets, and laptops.

Additionally, Droot curated unique visuals for each platform:

Main Website: The website's hero section prominently displayed captivating visuals showcasing the variety and vibrancy of Zoff's spices. Informative yet concise product descriptions with high-resolution close-up photographs were incorporated.

Marketplaces: Droot ensured Zoff's Amazon, Blinkit, and Flipkart product listings adhered to each platform's design guidelines while maintaining brand consistency. Eye-catching product images and precise descriptions were used to grab customer attention in the competitive marketplace.


Droot's design intervention yielded significant improvements for Zoff Foods:

Increased Sales: Zoff Foods witnessed a substantial rise in sales following the UX/UI revamp. The optimized user experience and mobile-friendliness encouraged customers to browse, discover, and purchase spices more conveniently.

Enhanced Brand Image: The captivating web design strengthened Zoff Foods' brand identity, portraying it as a purveyor of high-quality and visually appealing spices.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Streamlined navigation, clear product information, and a faster checkout process led to a more satisfying customer experience.

This case study exemplifies how Droot's strategic eCommerce development with a well-researched UX/UI design approach can empower brands like Zoff Foods to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

By prioritizing user experience, crafting a visually appealing brand identity, and ensuring device responsiveness, Droot empowers businesses to connect with their customers on a deeper level and achieve sustainable sales growth.